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Mr. Fields continues to contribute to legal publications and journals. Some of his over 60 writings and publications include:

  • Chief contributing editor, California Practice Handbook: Tort Damages, Matthew Bender publisher (1992-1994);
  • Contributor and editor, Matthew Bender’s California Points and Authorities, volume entitled “Negligence” (1994);
  • Contributor and editor, Matthew Bender’s California Forms of Pleading and Practice, Vol. 4, regarding California contractual arbitrations [Mr. Fields’ name is on the spine of this volume] (1994-2000);
  • Contributed, edited and updated the California contract arbitration chapters for Matthew Bender’s California Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice [Mr. Fields’ name is on the spine of this practice book] (1999-2000);
  • Forum magazine article entitled “Contingent Fee Agreements, Attorney Liens and Advanced Costs”;
  • California Litigation Magazine article entitled “Federal Preemption and the Future of California
    Arbitration Agreements”;
  • Compendium on California contractual arbitrations, self-published several years ago with annual updates;
  • Eight lien claim compendiums entitled “Lien Guide for the Trial Attorney,” self-published bi-annually since 2005 regarding Medicare, Medi-Cal, contractual, workers’ compensation, hospital, Civil Code section 3040, attorney, and government agency tort lien claims;
  • Currently ghostwrite chapter updates for a major set of California civil procedure books. (Substantially updated the contractual arbitration and mediation sections);
  • “Avoiding Consumer Arbitration Costs and Arbitrator’s Fees,” Advocate magazine, April 2017;
  • Advocate magazine two-part article on the new California State Bar ethics rules and attorney lien claims, published October and November 2018; and
  • In the aughts, Mr. Fields had a contract with West Publishing to write a California contractual arbitration book for its The Expert Series. He prepared and submitted over 300 pages but could not complete the project due to family issues; in 2010, he and his wife had three teenage grandchildren move-in.

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