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Lien Guide for the Trial Attorney

For over 10 years, Mr. Fields has written and lectured on tort lien claims. He self-published a series of lien guides for the profession. The guides are entitled “Lien Guide for the Trial Attorney.” Many of the guides have appeared in legal journals and many of them have been provided as handouts for Mr. Fields’ lectures. The guides set forth an explanation of the respective lien claim law and negotiation techniques.

Any single “Lien Guide for the Trial Lawyer” will be provided gratis by Mr. Fields. Please contact him at 562-597-5399. Also, if you are aware of any case law or statutory citation not included in a guide, Mr. Fields would be grateful if you would provide that citation to him.

The guides include the following tort lien claim topics:

  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage subrogation rights
  • Medi-Cal subrogation rights
  • Civil Code section 3040 general liability lien claims
  • Hospital liens, Civil Code section
    3045, et al.
  • General governmental agency
    lien claims
  • Workers’ compensation liens
  • ERISA claims
  • Attorney lien claims for fees

Education and Family Life

1968 graduate of Southwestern University School of Law, LL.B. degree; 1962 graduate of San Jose State College, B.S. degree in business. Married for over 33 years to California Court of Appeal justice Eileen C. Moore. We have three children and nine grandchildren.

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